NBA All Star Weekend Begins Today

The time has come once again for one of the major travel events of the year, the 55th annual NBA All Star Weekend.  For the second time in the event’s history, it is taking place in Houston, Texas.

Things jump off tonight, Feb. 17, with the T-Mobile Rookie Challenge, which highlights some of the best talent in the league and proceeds through the weekend with events like, the NBA All-Star Saturday Night.  This will highlight some of the best three point shooters, the swiftest point guards, and the best slam dunks in the league.  The weekend will conclude with the 55th NBA All-Star Game on Sunday.

Despite the big game being the main attraction, one HowardUniversity student admits that she does not travel to great lengths to see it but rather for the after parties.

"I attended All Star Weekend when it was in Atlanta and just enjoyed being in a different environment with my friends, mainly having fun at parties after the game.  This year it is especially important for me to travel because I’m from Houston,” says Jenna Hearn a senior physical therapy major.

Hearn, who searched flights for the last three months unsuccessfully, did not let that discourage her; she is taking a road trip with friends to what she affectionately calls, “the H.”

Several celebrities will be attendance for the after game celebrations.  Rapper Chammillionare is throwing a party at Market Square; a local club, rapper Young Jeezy will be performing for an All-Star Mardi Gras event, Skybar another local club, will be hosted by R&B artist Erykah Badu.  Rappers Paul Wall and Nelly are also hosting parties.  There is quite a list of things to do, but at what cost?

With plane ticket prices skyrocketing, and hotels overbooking, many students are glad they planned ahead. Junior Psychology major Crystal Dicon of HowardUniversity has planned it out. “As soon as I found it was a long weekend for us, and that it was in Houston, I called all of my friends from [everywhere] in Texas and made arrangements to fly into Dallas, and drive to Houston and stay with friends."

Students like Shayla Todd, a senior majoring in psychology at HowardUniversity ask if it’s really worth it.  “Whenever there is an event on such a large scale, the city tends to be congested, including clubs, malls, and any other places college students may go.  I’m going anyway though.”