Physician Struggling with Cancer Discusses Disease

Featured in Ken Burns Documentary

Dr. Lori Wilson gets a kiss from her son.  The surgical oncologist was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after his birth.

 From the age of seven, Lori Wilson knew that she wanted to be a surgeon. While other kids were reading Dr. Seuss books, Wilson was fascinated by an anatomy book inside of an encyclopedia in her house.  

Beginning at age 15, she said, she began to dedicate her life to cancer research.  When she was in the 10thgrade, Wilson was selected to do a summer program to do cancer research.  She decided wanted to be be a cancer surgeon.

 Today she is Dr. Lori Wilson, division chief of surgical oncology at Howard University Hospital.  She is also, like millions of Americans, a cancer patient, struggling to beat the dreaded disease.​  She is featured in Kens Burns three-part documentary  Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies. Click on the video below to hear her discuss breast cancer in African-American women.