Reebok International Ltd. Announces New Appointee, Denise Kaigler

Denise Kaigler is the Senior Vice President and ChiefCommunications Officer of Reebok International Ltd, making her thehighest-ranking African-American at Reebok, and marking the firsttime an African-American, and a woman, has held such a position inthe corporation. 
In her new position, Kaigler serves as Reebok’s top communicationsstrategist and executive management communications counselor. Sheis also the primary press spokesperson for the entire company.
In addition to these responsibilities, she is also in charge ofpublic and media relations, corporate reputation management,corporate business and financial communications, employeecommunications and issues management for Reebok’s operating unitsworldwide.
Reebok’s Chairman and CEO, Paul Fireman, told reporters, “As anAfrican-American and Chief Communications Officer, Kaigler isrecognized as a pioneer in the communications field at a Fortune500 company. Denise has consistently proven to be a strong andeffective leader, talented visionary and strategic partner tosenior executives and managers throughout the organization.”

In November 2002, Kaigler assumed the job of Talent Relations for the Reebok Brand. With that title, shewas in charge of overseeing the company’s relationship with musiccelebrities, managing press tours, events and media interviews withsome of the world’s most successful entertainers. Kaigler held thatposition until this recent promotion.

Kaigler has held many other communications positions since joiningReebok in June 1991 as their Media Relations Specialist. Six monthslater she was promoted to Senior Media Relations Specialist. In1998, she became the Senior Director of Corporate Communicationsand Entertainment Marketing for Reebok’s Rockport division, andeighteen months later returned to Reebok’s world headquarters asSenior Director of Corporate Communications.

“She has played a major role in significantly enhancing Reebok’spublic profile and image among consumers, retailers and the pressduring a very critical time in our history. This appointment iswell earned and well deserved,” said Fireman.

Prior to joining Reebok, Kaigler was the Director of Communications for Boys & GirlsClubs of Boston; and before entering the public relations field in1989, she was a journalist. Her television reporting creditsinclude WLTZ-TV(NBC affiliate) in ColumbusGeorgia and WHDH-TV (NBC affiliate) in Boston.

Kaigler is a graduate of EmersonCollege in Boston. In 1985, she earned her B.A. in journalism and began hercommunications career as a press aide to a Boston CityCounselor.

Currently, Kaigler resides in Massachusetts with her husband, Joseph and their two children Danielle, andJoseph, Jr.

Kaigler said to reporters of The Network Journal, “I put myselfthrough college by working several jobs and going to school fulltime. The experience was the most difficult of my life, but it mademe strong, resilient, self-reliant, confident, an a true believerthat if you work hard and truly believe, you can achieveanything.”