Suede: The New Must-Read Fashion Magazine

The publishers of Essence have created a new fashion magazinegeared toward young women of color.  Suede, which introducedits first sample issue early this fall, is a new urban,fashion-forward magazine that prides itself on being different fromthe rest.  

In an industry with big names such asCosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and Elle, Suede is the first of itskind.  Michelle Ebanks, publisher of Suede, promises herreaders three key elements that differ from other magazines in thisrealm.  First, the women featured in Suede will reflect andcelebrate diversity within minority cultures.

Black and Latin women with different hairtextures, complexions, and body types will grace the cover andpages of Suede.  Secondly, Suede will examine fashion from ahip-hop perspective while incorporating looks from therunway-“before everyone else is wearing them.” Lastly, Ebanks’ promises to give, “an inside view ofurban culture and entertainment,” in order to inform her readers ofwhat’s hot, now!  

Suzanne Boyd, Editor in chief of Suede, boaststhat, “Suede is the first-ever style magazine to be inspiredby you-the young, contemporary woman of color-and the edge youbring.”  Suede is truly a magazine that focuses on theconcerns of young Black females.  While claiming to be”Fashion-crazy,” Suede seriously gives its readers tipson innovative fashion.  From Adidas to Dior, Suede shows Blackwomen what is hot in urban culture.  The editors of Suede aredifferent because they focus on minority progression.  Theyfeature Black and Latin-owned boutiques and highlight upcomingBlack designers. 

More than just a fashion magazine, Suede alsocovers the important issue of Black hair and make-up.  Fromextensions to nail polish, Suede shows women of color what is bestfor them.  They focus on the differences within the cultureand provide answers for every skin tone and hair length. Suede even highlights great salons and relaxing spas around thecountry. 

Suede also tries to give a guide tolife.  In their issues, they will provide horoscopes,album/book/film releases and concert/play spotlights andreviews.  In addition, Suede attempts to take its readersaround the world within their pages.  Featuring places such asCaribana, Calle Ocho and Kingston, Suede gives insight ondestination most have not visited.  

Suede also focuses on the entertainmentindustry and minority power-players within it.  They covereverything form “Hollywood royalty” to “hip-hopwives” and even introduce up-and-coming entertainers ofcolor.  While doing all of this, Suede maintains current newson already famous names such as Beyonce, Usher, Alicia, andPharrell.  

Boyd encourages young women of color to readSuede because, “Suede is new.  It’s provocative. It’s smart.  It’s bold. It’sfashion-crazy.  And it’s all about you.”