Black Clergy Must Come Back to Christ

Black clergy have been caught up in the passion of Christianityand from Christ, have been lead astray. During the month ofFebruary, Black History month, a number of prominent andinfluential black clergy, including Pastors T.D. Jakes, Eddie Long,Creflo A. Dollar, Beverly “BAM” Crawford, FrederickK.C. Price and A.R. Bernard, enthusiastically endorsed MelGibson’s movie, “The Passion of the Christ.”

By their unqualified endorsement of the film,the black clergy also endorsed the image of Christ as a man ofEuropean descent. This they did, unwittingly, without regard forthe fact that the region where Christ lived and the only biblicaldescription we have of Christ conspire to produce the image of aman of African descent.

It is telling and significant that blackclergy endorsed this image during the month birthed from the weekfounded by Dr. Carter G. Woodson to reclaim and celebratetheachievements and contributions made by blacks to the development ofcivilization, but which had been either falsely claimed orconcealed by Europeans in efforts to support their mythos thatblack people have made no contribution to the development ofcivilization.  

The image of Christ as a white man is notbased on any biblical or historical evidence. It originated inEurope and was later used against blacks and other people of colorto support the European doctrine of white superiority. The color ofChrist mattered. This white image of God in conjunction withthe Hamitic myth (that black skin is the result of God’scurse) was used to instill in the minds of all peoples the innateinferiority and depravity of black people.

Its effect is still with us today and can beobserved in many blacks who maintain that Jesus was indeed a whiteman and are self-loathing as a result of this twin-pronged attackon their psyche. 

However, to illustrate that Christianityopposes the biblical Christ, when referencing the bible on thepoint of the Hamitic curse, we find that anytime anyone was cursedwith a disease or discoloration of the skin they were turned white(Exodus 4:1-8; Leviticus 13:1-17; Numbers 12:1-15)!

And, on the point of the race of Christ, theonly description of him given us by the bible is of a man with hairthe texture of wool and whose feet were the color of purebrass—this is a black man (Revelation 1:14-15). Underscoring thisdescription is the fact that biblical events took place in andimmediately around Africa. 

What we’ve been led to believecontradicts what is written in the Bible. Black clergy have to becareful in what they sign onto. Their promotion of this false imagealso serves to promote the white superiority dynamic that isassociated with it, and it further entrenches this debilitating liein the consciousness of the people the black clergy are supposed tobe elevating.  

This mistake calls for the promotion of morescholarship amongst the black clergy and in the black church. Itcalls for bible studies that promote the bible and not churchdoctrine. It calls for the study of history, particularly the studyof histories written by black scholars; they have earned the samedegrees as their white counterparts.

Furthermore, these black scholars havecorrected a good deal of the false propaganda that passes forobjective historical scholarship written in support of the whitesupremacy dynamic.  

The implementation of this new curriculum isimperative for the upliftment of black people and for theconsequent establishment of right relations between blacks andother groups. To correct distortions created to keep black peopleoppressed was the intent of Dr. Woodson’s Negro Historymonth. His instruction serves as a corrective for this misstep bythe black clergy who are charged with leading God’s people intruth. Their failing begs the question, are you committed to tellthe truth at any price or only committed to get along—at anycost?

Zeb Sanders III, author of the books,”…And Now there is Aquarius,” “WhenJesus’ Kingdom Came!” and of the new booklet,”Christianity or Christ? Black Folk at the Crossroads,”may be contacted at, theneap@hotmail.com.