Hip-Hop Trivia

It is defined by beats and rhymes with metaphoric twists that can possibly make a guy say, "that’s tight." This is hip-hop music and it has a come a long way since the late 1970s. Now it has enough history to make a book, a trivia book that is.

Peep This! Hip Hop Trivia, volume 1, was written by Joe Youngblood of Queens, NY. "I have always been into trivia," Youngblood said.

The book challenges readers to think about the culture that has been around for a quarter of a century. It has over 400 questions on names, beats, rhymes, and the life of artist. This book brings to life, hip-hop artists of the past and present including some "one hit wonders."

Some students are eager to test their hip-hop knowledge.

"I am so excited about this book because I actually have a lot of use for it," said Marissa Thompson, a senior majoring in marketing at Howard University. "I am having a party, so I am going to use this book to get the excitement going."

However, some students don’t see the need to learn about the history of hip-hop.

"I think the book is kind of cool, but I really just like listening to music and not studying it," said Christopher Brown, a student from Morgan State University.