Make 1 Give 1 Campaign

This past fall, Timberland and HBCUconnect.com created the scholarship fund "make 1 give 1," that was made possible through the sales of custom made Timberland boots.

Many students were excited about the opportunity to receive a scholarship from a company that they supported. The website gave people the opportunity to develop a boot with their name on it and a color of their choice.

Lamarr Shields founder of The Urban Leadership Institute feels that companies giving back to help fund Black education is crucial.

“African Americans probably have spent more money or equal amounts of money on their product. I am grateful that they have decided to invest in our young people.”

The scholarships will be awarded on the amount raised and a student can recieve up to $1000. However, it is still unknown how much money was raised.

Hampton University alumni Darrel Lutz thinks that there is still more to be done. “I think we all could do a lot more for our alma mata. There are a lot of us who depend on big companies to give back to our schools when we ourselves keep our  money to ourselves.”

“Historically they (Timberland) have always given money,” Shields said.

Timberland is very active in the community. The have funded massive community events.

One of the most recent was teaming up with Don Cheadle to donate funds to Darfur, Sudan. An estimated 2.5 million people in Darfur have been removed from their homes by the Sudanese government. The governmnet is also carrying out a genocide campaign against the people their. Timberland also donated to the Hurricane Katrina relief effort.