Students Can Now Travel Safer and Healthier

This holiday, many college students will not have to worry packing on pounds when they travel by plane as metro Airports are now offering healthier food choices.

Detroit Metropolitan Airport along with a growing number of airports nationwide have more health conscious items on the menu. This phenomenon stems from a change in the diet habits of Americans. According to a survey conducted by the Grocery’s Manufacturers of

America, half of American consumers say they will eat more low-fat foods.

"When I usually get something to eat at the airport, I do try to get something low-carb or low in fat, like a salad or a wrap," said Brittni Jones of Florida A&M University.

The Detroit Metro airport formed a partnership with the Henry Ford Health System, a network of Detroit-based hospitals and clinics, to improve food of the restaurants in the airports’ McNamara Terminal.

According to the Washington Post, the network of experts made "Heart Smart" designations, food items that are certified as heart healthy.

Erin Hill of Hampton University says it is not what you eat by how the food is prepared. "I’m not sure if it’s safe to say these restaurants are healthier, per say. The way certain dishes are prepared is often the key in determining how healthy they are. A restaurant may say a dish is low-carb, it doesn’t always say if the dish is cooked in grease or a light vegetable oil."

Some university students are less concerned about healthy eating habits.

"When I travel I usually just grab some junk food like a Cinnabun or something. I’m really not concerned about what I eat when I go out," said Shannon Vesey of Alabama A&M University.

Jamar Marks of Tennessee State University feels the same but has his mind on other things. "I eat whatever

I get my hands on but I really don’t eat because I’m nervous about getting on the plane."

Detroit’s ranked No. 2 in offering healthy vegetarian dishes among 12 of the busiest U.S. airports said the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. The group said 83 percent of Metro Detroit Airport offers vegetarian meals.

Holding the No. 1 spot was Miami International Airport with 85 percent of their restaurants offering food low in fat, cholesterol-free, and high in fiber.

Despite the improvements, the Physicians Committee said 36 percent of airport restaurants surveyed still don’t offer one qualifying entree. The rankings are based on the percentage of restaurants offering at least one entree that meets the requirements of the Physicians Committee.