Spring 2021 Capstone NewsVision Newscast

Broadcast Journalists Examine Issues In the Year of Covid-19

This year brought several “firsts’ for the capstone course for broadcast journalism at Howard University. The NewsVision six-credit class only met virtually.. the students did not have the opportunity to check out equipment, or record in the studio and control room. What they did have was technology. The students, under the direction of Assoc. Professor Jennifer Thomas, produced their final 30-minute newscast using three virtual platforms; all while reporting on stories that matter in communities of color. All served as reporters, and took on multiple roles.

Topics include concerns surrounding Covid-19, the spike in anti-Asian sentiment, immigration reform, Howard’s in-person graduation, and students who are making history on campus and the community.

The “Elite Eight” Spring 2021 Class: JayJuan Shakur Jones- producer; Elysse Price, Director; Enoa Gibson, co-anchor; Nancy-Vu Co-anchor; Lauryn Forbes, Segment Producer; Kayla Hill, Copy Editor/Teleprompter; Savanna Samuels, Tease Producer/Teleprompter; Etolia Magdalena Stinson, Segment Producer