A Look at Google’s New TV Search Engine

Google Inc., a worldwide technology company aimed at providing billions of online web indexes to the public, recently announced its new television video search; a service that will allow users to search for television programming content provided by PBS, Fox News, C-Span, and The National Basketball Association (NBA).

Google’s co-founder Larry Page believes television searches can and will work effectively on the web. “What Google did for the web, Google Video aims to do for television,” said Page in his press statement.

Page added that Google will continue to work with content owners to enhance and improve the new service.

With Google Video, users will be able to search across the closed-captioning content of many television programs, which Google began indexing last month.  Users will be able to locate upcoming episodes, view details of programming, view relevant thumbnails, and view other programming information.  The company believes that its television video search will benefit television channels, as well as content producers because increased viewer ship is expected once the public utilizes the new service.

Google also announced last month that it was allowing searchable online information by digitally scanning a collection of books and documents in the New York Public Library, Harvard, Stanford, Michigan, and Oxford Universities.  Google hopes that both new ventures will greatly enhance the company’s search capabilities beyond general information found on the internet.