In The Best Interest of the Children?

Brad Pitt Seeks to Become Adoptive Father of Angelina Jolie’s Children


There’s nothing more entertaining than a hot celebrity couple, well, other than a hot celebrity couple break-up. Some celebrity romances, (like the sweet union of Nick Lachey and Jessica) shock us when they come to a screeching halt, while other relationships seemed doomed from the start, (does anyone really think Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are going to last?) . Come on! When’s the last time you’ve seen a celeb couple last through the long haul?  Two-second celebrity romances make you wonder if any relationship in Tinsel Town can last.


Perhaps one of the most “entertaining” celebrity break-ups belongs to Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt.  They were a golden couple in love: both were A-list celebrities, both were gorgeous, but after seven years of being together and 4 ½ of being married, the two called it quits.  The plot thickened as Brad quickly ran to the arms of uber glamorous actress Angelina Jolie.  Angelina and Brad denied profusely that they had anything to do with each other (isn’t this how celeb relationships always start?) until pictures of the two of them in Africa with Angelina’s adopted son Maddox started circulating.  When Angelina was spotted picking out baby clothes at a clothing store, magazines like US Weekly cried that she was pregnant.  Turns out she was adopting another baby, this time a girl from Africa named Zahara.


        Now, approximately two months after the finalization of his divorce from Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt is in the process of becoming the father of Angelina Jolie’s adoptive children.  Maddox is 4 and Baby Zahara is only 10 months.


Published reports note that a legal petition seeking to change the names of the children to Zahara Jolie-Pitt and Maddox Jolie-Pitt was filed Dec. 2 in Los Angeles, publicist Cindy Guagenti said in a written statement.


"We are confirming that Brad Pitt is in the process of becoming the adoptive father of both children," the statement said. "No further comment is being made."


I had a sick sinking feeling upon hearing this news.   I know, I know, I probably shouldn’t be worried about celebrity children, but I couldn’t help thinking:  Is this move really in the best interest of the children?


Angelina’s children already have complicated lives.  Not only is their mother a huge super-star, attracting paparazzi everywhere she goes, they are adopted, from other countries at that.  Imagine the identity crisis that Zahara potentially faces being an African girl, raised in America by a white woman.  Now Brad Pitt seeks to potentially further complicate the equation by trying to become their dad?


What’s going to happen in a couple years, heck some celebrity track records (Brittney Spears comes to mind for being married for 2 days to a childhood friend), maybe a couple months when Angelina and Brad decide that they don’t want to be together anymore?  What will that do to these two young children who have identified Brad Pitt as their dad? Will Brad and Angelina fight for custody?  How will adoptive children deal with a separation?  Not to say that celebrities don’t deserve love just like the rest of us, but sometimes I wish they would think through the course of their actions before making such rash decisions.


If adults want to play around in different relationships and break up with one person only to be fixed up with another, that’s fine. But the situation becomes a sad one when children are dragged into adults “love games.”


Maybe I’m being a pessimist.  Maybe Brad Pitt will become the adoptive father of these two children, and he and Angelina will get married (a rumor that’s circulating), and the family will live happily ever after.  If Brad does decided to take on the crucial role of being father, for the best interest of the children I truly hope it’s a happy ending.