Mase Returns to Rap Game

After five years of preaching and thousands of souls saved,Minister Mason Betha still can’t catch a break. With news ofthe preacher’s return to the rap game in the midst, bothbible thumpers and thugs alike began doubting Betha’sanointing.

Betha, formerly known as rapper Ma$e, left themusic industry in 1999 to serve God according to his will. However,Betha is now hoping to reach the public by rapping about socialissues through Fo’Reel record label.

Immediately following Betha’sannouncement, critics began judging his motive.

Is he being hypocritical? Did he lose sight ofGod’s calling on his life?

Was he just tired of not making any money?

The answer, I don’t know.

But what critics must acknowledge isBetha’s understanding that some individuals might be morereceptive to his message in the form of rap. Instead of continuingto ignore this sector of the public, Betha is using astereotypically negative form of art in a positive light.

Betha’s acknowledgement of those thatneed the most help parallels the teachings of Jesus.  Matthew9:10 states that Jesus was found eating with publicans (taxcollectors) and sinners. With this sector of the public beingconsidered the lowest in society, Pharisees questioned why Jesusate with such people. Overhearing the question, Jesus said”They that be whole need not a physician, but they that aresick do.”

This teaching is in direct line withBetha’s S.A.N.E (Saving An Endangered Nation) missionstatement.  The church hopes to reach people in uncommon andundesirable places in the United States and world.

Although Betha’s motive may not beapparent to the general public, Betha as well as others who walkaccording to faith know God makes a way out of no way.

Romans 8:28 said it the best. “And weknow that all things work together for good to them that love God,to them who are called according to his purpose.”

As long as Betha keeps faith in God, no matterwhere the path of life leads him, God has everything undercontrol.