Washington Readies for Another Snowmageddon

This time last year, Washington was unexpectedly slammed with what many said was the biggest snowstorm of the decade. Nicknamed “Snowmageddon” and “Snowpacalypse,” the winter blizzard of February 2010 swept through most of the mid-Atlantic region, leaving behind more than 20 inches in some areas.


As a city that proved unprepared for a storm of that magnitude, many D.C. residents fear that the same can happen if the city doesn’t get ready early.


“Last year’s snow response was very poor,” says Johnessa Evans of Alexandria, Va. “My entire neighborhood was and the main streets leading out were never salted, and no trucks came through to move the snow out. I was out of work for five or six days, and without heat. I know the storm was very intense but I felt like the city could have done more to help the situation.”


Nicole Brown, a graduating senior at Howard University, is rather pleased with the recent emergency weather performance of the street crews.


“Last week when that storm hit, I saw trucks out before the snow even settled, throwing down salt,” Brown said. “I was impressed with their preparation, but at the same time kind of bummed out that we wouldn’t be getting a Snow Day from school.”


With recent mild snow storms and more expected to come in the winter reason, can residents go ahead and presume another winter storm of that enormity will strike again?


According to NBC Washington meteorologist, Tom Kierein, the winter blizzard that is ripping through the mid-West and moving through New England, will bring the city a little freezing rain at most.


“Rain could freeze up on surfaces, creating some icing especially on tree limbs and power lines,” Keirein said. “It will become blustery and colder as the more intense parts of the story move through, but we don’t have to worry about any heavy snow just yet.”


With Super Bowl weekend remains just a few days away, many residents are relieved that the storm won’t hamper travel arrangements.


“I was absolutely furious last year because I had to cancel my plans to Miami for the big game because of the blizzard,” said Morgan Silcott, who lives on U Street. Silcott decided not to attend this year’s Super Bowl because of fear that another Snowmagedon would leave her trapped again.


“It was unreal. Our flight was canceled, and it was even impossible to go out and watch the game in D.C. Many places were still closed down, including much of the metro rail system. So. this time I’d rather be safe than sorry.”