Children Go Boo at the National Zoo

The annual “Boo at the Zoo” event at the Smithsonian National Zoo was far from a frightful affair. Parents and children dressed in their best costumes for a night of tricks, treats and Panda Cams.  

Children as young as 2 years old embraced the wildlife at night.  The annual event provided numerous activities and goodies for children to enjoy- and probably the only place where you could see policemen, princesses and panda bears.

Parents also enjoyed the advantages of taking their children trick-or-treating at the National Zoo. D.C. resident Kristan Anthony, 33, took her son Kayden dressed as a lion. This was Kayden’s first time at Boo. Although he is not old enough to walk and trick-or-treat, his mother knows he will appreciate the experience in the years to come.

“It’s a really good experience to be able to enjoy trick-or-treating and safely,” Anthony said.

Parents said they would continue to take their children, especially because of the safety element and the presence of other parents and their children.

 Mardia Blyther has taken her daughters Mckenzie, 3,  and Madison, 5, every year. “They love it. And they always get really good treats,” Blyther said.

Each year, tickets go on sale on Ticketmaster and companies like Coca-Cola, Whole Foods Market and Comcast sponsor the event. Devin Miller, a volunteer for this year’s Boo event, said that events like these are good for the community but also beneficial for the maintenance of the zoo.

“All proceeds go to funding the zoo. Exhibits, science research, conservations at the zoo,” said Miller.

Amanda Lagman, 17, also a volunteer, said this weekend’s event was a success and hopes it will continue to be. “I really hope the kids enjoy it. I think the biggest thing is all the different costumes. It looks like a lot of parents put so much time ad effort into them, so it’s just super exciting,” she said.