Spring Warmth Melts Reminders of Blizzard of 2010

As the season changes and temperatures soar periodically into the 70s, people in the northeastern United States have put the winter of 2010 behind them.

In Bloomfield, N.J., Tonia Patterson, 35, grabs her jacket and dog’s leash; she’s taking her dog, Sydney, out on what seems to be the perfect spring day.

“We haven’t had one of these in a long time,” Patterson says as she connects Sydney’s leash to his collar, “and I intend to enjoy every bit of it while it lasts.”

Like others in the region, Patterson has not seen warm weather for what seems like an eternity. Having been slammed by back-to-back blizzards that brought record snowfalls, frigid weather and blistering winds, residents of these areas are more than happy to see a warm front in the region.

In Washington, D.C., Lydia Hickman, 20, enjoys her first weekend of spring with some shopping in Georgetown.

“Thank God it’s not cold anymore,” she says after leaving one of her favorite stores with bags in hand. “It’s something about a warm weekend that makes you want to spend your money on a fresh new wardrobe.”

Many retailers in the Washington area are relieved to see the start of spring. People are filling the streets of Georgetown, shopping and dining at many of the local hot spots.

“Business was down in February due to the inclement weather, but now everyone has come out of their homes to shop,” said Chris Deavers, 32, the manager of Express in Georgetown. Since then, this Express has seen a turnaround in its sales.

The change of season has also brought out many runners and bikers., said, “I am so thankful that the weather has changed,” said James Coleman, 20, a frequent runner of Meridian Hill Park. “I was cooped up in my apartment for so long I really got behind in trying to stay fit.”

In the habit of jogging for one hour every morning, Coleman wasn’t able to maintain this daily regimen during the blizzards that brought the East Coast to a near standstill.

With memories of cancelled flights, longer commute times, and the closings of schools and government buildings, residents are elated to see the winter months behind them, and can look forward to a fresh start with spring.